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(For background information please see:  The Slotted Clampbar)

Using the slotted clamp bar

This page has a special program, written in JavaScript, which calculates optimum slot positions for a Magnabend clampbar of any length.
The software was developed by Mr Tony Grainger from an earlier program by Mr Geoff Fenton. Anybody is free to use it. (The actual software code can be examined and/or downloaded from the "Page Source" of this page).

To Use the Program:

To see a clampbar design for one of the standard length Magnabend models first select that model from the drop-down list which is below the button labeled: "ENTER".  Then click on the button and immediately a clampbar design will appear to the right.
You can then click on that drawing to open an enlarged drawing (in a new browser tab).

When you select a model from the drop-down list a set of default clampbar data is automatically entered.  However you can manually change that data to anything that you want.

For instance the default design allows for sheet metal up to 3mm thick, which could include a hem. If you don't require metal that thick you could enter, say 2mm in the "Tray hem thickness" box.  The clampbar design drawing will then have slots only 7mm wide (instead of the default design of 8mm wide slots).

You can also specify how close to the ends of the clampbar the slots can be.  This is to allow room for some kind of clampbar lifting mechanism.  Specify this in the "Lifter zone width".

The default design allows use of the ends of the clampbar as virtual slots. Hence "Both" is entered in the "Fold using bar ends" box. You can however restrict the design so that the ends are not used.  Typically this will result in a smaller maximum tray size that can be accommodated by the slotted clampbar.

When you press ENTER a new design is calculated, a drawing is presented and numbers are filled-in in the Clamp Bar Audit. section. These numbers summarize all the salient features of the design.

Feel free to experiment as much as you like with this very versatile program. (Refresh or reload the page to clear past designs).

Slot Calculator Controls:
Process inputs
Preset inputs & Process Model
Clamp Bar Input Data:
Clamp bar length mm
Lifter zone width mm
Slot pitch mm
Tray hem thickness mm
Minimum slot centre separation *pitch
Fold using bar ends
Clamp Bar Audit:
Slot width mm
Minimum inside tray size mm
Maximum outside tray size mm
First possible slot has id #
First: left end to slot ctr. mm
Last possible slot has id #
Last: left end to slot ctr. mm
Last: lifter zone clearance mm
End virtual slot has id #
End: left end to slot ctr. mm
End: clamp bar end clearance mm

Slot Spacing Designs