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This is a new design electromagnetic sheet metal folder with emphasis on easier manufacture.

Handyman model5

I will be progressively adding drawings and text to this page over the next months.
If you need the latest information please contact me.  

The content below is intended to benefit both Manufacturers and Hobbyists alike.
It is hoped that this information will lead to better construction outcomes for all.

This page will relate to only a small bending machine, 670mm long, and will incorporate many new ideas, some of which will
also be applicable to longer machines. 


1. Magnet Body (Includes drawings of the Poles)
Materials required, Method of construction, Fasteners, General notes.
Magnet body
2. Coil Former
General principles, Optional materials,
coil former
3. Magnet Coil
Wire type and size, Method of coil insulation, Coil former, Clamping to size, Heat bonding, Installation.

4. Magnet End Covers
Manufacturing options, materials required.
End Caps
5. "Hemi-Hinge"
New style of hinges, How to manufacture in a 4-jaw chuck.
hinge openhinge closed
6. Bending Beam and Beam Extension Bending beam and extension
7. Clampbars and Lifter Units
Slotted Clampbar, Full Length Clampbar,
Narrow Clampbar,  Clampbar - Short Set.

8. Handle and Backstop Bars
Construction from heavy-wall pipe,
Method of mounting.

backstop bars
9. Stand, based on RHS steel column and special feet.

The feet for this stand have been designed to eliminate the need for welding, they are lightweight and yet achieve a very rigid connection to the column.

stand full heightstand and feet
10. TRAY tray
11. Backstop Collars backstop collar     Backstop Collar     
12. Electrical Circuit & Electrical Enclosure
New, simplified design.
Enclosuer with brackets
Electrical Circuit
13. Handyman Waveforms Demagnetising waves
14. Optional Extras
Angle stop Collar, Angle scale, Nameplate etc

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This page last updated: 4 June 2020