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TrayThe Backstop Collar can be clamped at various positions on the Backstop Bar to facilitate repetitive bending where a series of bends are to be made all the same distance from the edge of the workpiece.

These collars can be made from the same material as was used to make the magnet body poles, namely 50 x 16 bright mild steel.

Note that the large hole (for the backstop bar) is deliberately made close to one edge of the block. The thinner material at the edge then acts as a hinge to allow the hole to easily change diameter a little to facilitate clamping and loosening of the collar.

The M8 socket head cap screw looks neat if the head is accommodated in a counterbore but the counterbore is optional; the collar will function just as well without it.

Backstrop Collar Drawing:  Enlarged view,  PDF Drawing.

Backstop Collar drawing

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