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Stevenson Screen 1

Stevenson Screen for a Home Weather Station.

(This shows you how to make a fairly effective radiation shield to improve the accuracy of the temperature readings in a typical 'home' weather station)

MagnaBend 1250E

MagnaBend Sheetmetal Folding Machine

Lots of information about the "Magnabend" sheet metal bending machine.  This machine was manufactured in Australia by Magnetic Engineering Pty Ltd (a company which I managed) up to year 2003.
The original patents on the concept have now expired and this has allowed manufacture in several other countries, not necessarily under the 'Magnabend' name.

Erica 1

Spanish Heath (Erica lusitanica)

This page shows you how to recognize and eradicate Spanish Heath which is becoming a serious weed in some parts of Australia.

Side view of chair, png format

Badminton Umpire's Chair

This page explains a problem which I have observed with badminton umpire's chairs and has links to my detailed  drawings  which depict a better design.  I am providing these drawings simply as a service to the sport.


HTC One X Camera Review

My review of the camera function of the HTC One X mobile phone, including sample pictures and a discussion of the pros and cons.

Southern Tas Badminton

Hobart View Club
(Voice, Interests, Education for Women).

Barnes Bay Chapel and Cemetery Assn, Barnes Bay, Bruny Island.

Cloudy Bay Tour
Cloudy Bay Tour-NoSound
Alonnah Farm - too dark.mp4
Alonnah Farm
Dillon's Road 360 degree
School Road, Alonnah.mp4
List Map Aerial Photo - Alonnah.jpg

Lauriston view

  Bruny Island property for sale  


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